Could Mold be Hiding In Your Home

If you
re suffering from inexplicable sneezing, congestion or oth
er common allergy symptoms,
the cause may be unseen mold inside your home. Mold thrives
in damp, dark places, so it should
be no surprise that most mold problems go undetected. If you
ve ever had significant water
damage, fire damage or smoke damage, the chances of mold li
ving in your walls or carpet are
very high. If you suspect that a fungal colony is growing i
n your home, you need a professional
inspection right away before it inflicts lasting harm on
your property and your health.
The Health Hazards of Hidden Mold
According to the CDC,
allergic reactions to mold
ores can trigger headaches, asthma attacks
and chronic sinus complications. In worst case scenarios
, mycotoxins from specific molds like
stachybotrys chartarum can cause problems including depression,
difficulty concentrating and
even memory loss. If your symptoms are more noticeable
while you
re at home but improve
when you go out, it
s very possible that household mold is keeping you sick.
Signs of Hidden Mold
Mold often has a distinctive pungent, musty smell, but mo
ld may still be present even if you can
t smell or see it. People sometimes mistake small mold gro
wths for dirt or rust. Mold may appear
black, brown, white, orange and even pink or purple when it grows
behind wallpaper. Large
amounts of condensation on your windows or pipes means that t
here is a lot of moisture in the
air, which makes ideal conditions for mold growth.
The Causes of Mold
Mold needs moisture to grow, so water damage (including residua
l damage) provides a fertile
ground for fungi. A common sign of moisture problems is
discoloration of your walls, floors or
ceilings. If you notice your paint or wallpaper peeling, crack
ing or warping, that could also be
indicative of water issues. Anytime you have flooding, you sh
ould have your home inspected for
mold damage as soon as possible.

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