Do you know the safest materials in rhinoplasty?

Surgeons perform the rhinoplasty using autologous (harvested through the patient’s own body) or augmentation material that is synthetic. Many people wonder which product could be  the best with their nose surgery. In this website, we are going to present you most used implants that are nasal assess their benefits, drawbacks and a lot of

Autologous materials

Septal cartilage

It’s harvested from nasal septum itself. That’s interesting that for nasal connection enlargement, the material through the nose is made use of. The small portion of cartilage is gathered through the septum. Portion tiny adequate to not influence the nose form but large enough to profile the tip, fill the irregularities or somewhat raise the dorsum (nasal bridge).




  • easily harvested material that is natural


  • lower risks of disease


  • eliminating risks of rejection because of the human body.


  • harvesting doesn’t require basic anaesthesia


  • gentler than rib cartilage


  • short recovery process



Really risk that is low of with  no threat  of rejection.


Ear cartilage

Likewise, to cartilage that is septal it is employed  for rhinoplasty surgery and minor dorsal augmentations. The materials is gathered from  the  location on  the  back associated with the ear – auricular cartilage. This material is  a small gentler than septal cartilage, therefore  it’s utilized frequently for tip shaping.




Low danger  of illness with  no danger  of rejection.


Synthetic products

Silicone Polymer

Silicone is really a polymer commonly used by plastic surgeons. This is the typical therefore the oldest material used for nasal dorsum implants. The silicone implants utilized in rhinoplasty arrive two sorts: the sculpted block kind together with fluid kind that is poured entirely  on a cast to mould to  the desired shape. Silicone implant doesn’t change its height, so that it’s extremely steady therefore the final shape is foreseeable. Silicone is really a body that is foreign so  there is just a possibility  of side effect occurrences, such as illness, rejection or calcification. Nevertheless, because it’s been studied for quite some time it offers created significantly to attenuate such risk. Modern silicone polymer implants are thought become nearly as safe as autologous material.




  • does not transform its shape and height – a material that is stable


  • desired effect quickly doable


  • no graft needed




  • Foreign body – could potentially cause disease or rejection




Modern silicone polymer implants are particularly safe. The risk  of rejection or infection is reasonable.



Gore-Tex is just a synthetic resin has actually a porous molecular structure that allows environment and sweat to pass through whilst blocking off rainfall and  other complex molecules. Consequently, it’s frequently employed in sports attire. Clinically, it is utilized as sutures, synthetic blood vessels, and spots utilized during heart surgeries. It offers applications that are useful neurosurgery, ophthalmology, and urology. In 1983 it was introduced being  a safe material for facial muscle repair. From 1993 it’s used in rhinoplasty.




  • tissues can grow in the skin pores


  • less mobility


  • slightly higher weight against attacks




  • The height and form can transform after placing the implant


  • Removal is complicated due to tissues ingrowth


  • More noticeable through your skin


  • Foreign body – might cause illness or rejection


  • Security


Gore-Tex implant is extremely safe. The risk  of rejection or infection is reasonable. Nonetheless, in the event  of unwanted effects, implant removal is difficult.




  • natural impact due to the soft nasal tip


  • naturally movable




  • Fibrosis cannot keep up with the position that is new of nostrils tip


  • Absorption might cause a septal cartilage erosion


  • High risk of unwanted effects


  • Prone to infections



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